We offer a complete casting service from pattern making, casting and machining, right up to final assembled product if required.

The foundry started as a need from our own machine shop to avoid the ongoing disputes that are typical in this industry when all processes are subcontracted to different suppliers, the pattern goes to one,  the casting to another, and the machining to yet another, and if something goes wrong no-one is accountable!! Customers can order fully machined and assembled castings should they require them so they only have to deal with one supplier.

We are able to cast the following materials

  • SG Irons – mostly SG 42 but with the capability to do up to SG 80 and Austempered Ductile Irons (ADI)
  • Irons – alloyed irons such as Nihard and Chrome Irons
  • Steels – commonly A2 but alloy steels as well
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Brass and bronze alloys
  • Stainless Steels
  • Zinc

We can cast up to approximately 450 kgs in sg irons, cast irons, brass & bronze alloys.

We can cast up to approximately 400 kgs in all steels.

We can cast up to approximately 200 kgs in aluminium.

The services of specialized heat treatment companies are used, and larger castings can be outsourced to other foundries that we work closely with. We also use an independent laboratory for verification purposes and analytical work to identify materials; we have our own spectrometer that we use for internal control.

We have our own internal pattern shop but make use of outside contractors should demand require so. Patterns and core boxes are generally made from wood or resin, and we do utilise our own machine facilities for specialised patterns.